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Quality Design

Quality Crafted and Functional Vintage, Antique, Modern Furniture, Interior Design and Clothing is our Passion! Swing by our store to see how Rose and Sal's unique style can compliment your fashion and design challenges. We enjoy engineering unique and innovative displays that can be translated right into your own space. Rose and Sal has  Art Deco, Brutalist, Colonial, Modern (MCM), Industrial, Traditional, and more. Drop in our store in majestic Yellow Springs and get inspired at the Coolest Vintage Shop in the World! 

Hot Fashion

Do you have amazing vintage retro antique or modern furniture and collectibles as well? Consign with Rose and Sal today for a win-win! Contact us below for details. We specialize in unique style spanning the 1800's to the 1980's. Team up with Rose & Sal and Garmint Boutique to sell your clothing, furniture, housewares, pop-culture and collectibles. Just contact us with pictures and descriptions for more information; or Visit our store to explore our inspiring one-of-a-kind displays or enjoy an Iconic Community Event at the Coolest Vintage Shop in the World!

Check out our Vintage Clothing Store Garmint, for the hottest Fashion Apparel Style & Gear!

Coolest Vintage Shop in the World, Rose & Sal Vintage Shop in Yellow Springs, Ohio
Fred Yonnet at Rose & Sal for the Dave Chappelle Summercamp Sessions 2020 thru 2021. Coolest Vintage Shop in the World

Iconic Events

Rose and Sal and Garmint Boutique are a local family owned Vintage Clothing and Antique Furniture and Houseware Consignment Shop that hosts Iconic Community Events in our 1914 Village Ford Building located in Yellow Springs, Ohio, U.S.A. We specialize in quality crafted and designed antique and collectibles, including clothes, pop art, prints, books, furniture, tableware, ceramics, glass, wall art, tools, hardware, barware, kitchen utensils, appliances and more. Our inventory, displays and music are constantly evolving; Come check out Rose and Sal today!

1914 Village Ford Building

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